The rating of the top five luxury ski resorts in the world

Luxury ski resorts

Luxury ski resorts .
We offer to your attention a rating of the top five luxury ski resorts in the world, proven on the highest settings, consistently supported for many years by the “Economic news”. Tourist destinations were selected in all categories, ranging from features of natural environmental conditions, the quality of services provided and to the level of infrastructure development. The top five included: Chamonix (France), St. Moritz (Switzerland), Whistler Blackcomb (Canada), åre (Sweden) and Lech — Zürs (Austria)

1. Chamonix, France (rhône — Alpes), informasiyakommunikasiya news.
The oldest, the largest and most well-known international iconic ski resort. The appearance of the first tourists in the region relates to the early nineteenth century, when the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix. In 1916, the municipality changed its name from Chamonix to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. By the way, here we had the first winter Olympic games 1924 Chamonix belongs to the elite ski-in / ski who claim to be “the Most famous ski resort in the world”. The city is situated at the foot of Mont Blanc (4807 m), the highest peak in the Alps and the second highest in Europe. The resort boasts the world’s longest ski runs in excess of 22 km (the famous “White Valley”), and vertical descent with a height of almost 3 km. By the end of XX century the city could simultaneously take up to 60 thousand tourists, and just a year of Chamonix takes about 5 million visitors.
Despite the fact that actually the city of Chamonix is situated at an altitude of slightly more than 1 million meters, 90% of its slopes are above $ 2 thousand in m, and therefore, the snow cover is consistently guaranteed. The undoubted advantage of the resort is its versatility: Chamonix is suitable for absolutely everyone from beginners to extreme. The geographical position Chamonix allows you to ride not only in France but also in Italy (Courmayeur) and Switzerland (Vallorcine). The ski season lasts from December to April. Overall length — 190 km.
2. St. Moritz, Switzerland
The Swiss city of St. Moritz is considered the king of the Alpine ski resorts, earning the titles of aristocratic, respectable and at the same time cosmopolitan. It is traditionally a rest representatives of Royal families, billionaires, major politicians, and superstars of the world of show business. In 1928 and 1948, St. Moritz was the capital of the winter Olympics, and in 1934, 1974 and 2003 in St. Moritz world Championships were held in Alpine skiing. St. Moritz is also considered the birthplace of bobsleigh. On the track in St. Moritz hosts major competitions in bobsleigh, Luge and skeleton. Moreover, the course, unlike the other major is natural and every winter re-formed.
St. Moritz is situated on the banks of the eponymous lake in the Engadin region of the Canton of Grisons, at a height of 1856 metres above sea level. There are very good conditions for skilled skiers, but also many great opportunities for snowboarders, lovers of cross-country ski and skate. The total length of ski slopes: 350 km, and the plain is 150 km away. it is believed that St. Moritz is the brightest resort in Switzerland, because here there are 322 Sunny days a year. And the snow here is very special, incredibly clean and dry, so-called “champagne”. Straight from St. Moritz rail with funicular up to an altitude of 2486 m (station Corviglia), but the most experienced and the most experienced skiers appreciate the top of Piz Noir (height 3057 m), for its steep track to the high level of complexity. To the Corviglia join several comfortable ski areas, including Piz Corvatsch (3451 m), and Margus and Suvretta. This is one of the most beautiful skiing areas in the world, with 70 km of trails. Also in the Corviglia is one of the world’s most famous restaurants is La Marmite. In fact, the Piz Corvatsch is recognized as one of the most beautiful places for skiing in Switzerland and the descent from its summit taking place on the glacier. Another peak is Piz Bernina rises above sea level to 4048 m, making it the highest point of the Eastern Alps. Here, at an altitude of 3600 m, is the mountain hut “mark & rose”, created as a key point of rest of the climbers. Usually they get down to it at the end of the route. Now the resort has 55 different types of lifts, 350 km of ski slopes, a fun Park for snowboarders, 150 kms of cross country ski trails, 150 km of winter Hiking paths, mountain and glacier ski tours, bobsled-taxi, glider-taxi paragliding-taxi and much more.
3. Whistler Blackcomb, Canada (British Columbia)
This ski resort in the canadian province of British Columbia is the richest and highest in the world. On the rights of private ownership it is owned and operated by Intrawest, a subsidiary of the investment company Fortress Investment Group. The resort hotels are all known networks in the world, a variety of restaurants and bars, chalets and houses for rent. The complex is located at a height of 675 m above sea level at the distance of 126 km from Vancouver (137 km from the airport). During the Olympic winter games 2010 in Whistler Blackcomb, there were competitions in Alpine skiing.
For skiing in the area adapted two mountains — Whistler and Blackcomb. The highest point of exit from the lift is at an altitude of 2240 m, and all the area is accessible slopes and downhill runs served by 24 major lifts. The vertical height of the slope is 1562 m. Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski Park in North America with an area of 3307 hectares In the Northern part of the resort with the eternal glaciers, you can ride all year round, although the normal season lasts from November until late may. This place is considered one of the best resorts in North America due to its unique Alpine bowls and chutes, glaciers and a network of modern lifts.
Blackcomb mountain has the highest peak At 2182 m. this mountain is the famous “Couloir ekstrem, descent, entered the top 10 of the most extreme descents in the world according to the “Journal of skiing.” Whistler Blackcomb serve a total of 37 lifts that operate with such speed that virtually no queues. One of the most visited places is a popular bar Garibaldi Lift Co., recognized as the best ski bar in all of North America.
4. Ore, Sweden
This resort, located in the Western part of Central Sweden, near the border with Norway and at the distance of 620 km from Stockholm, joined an elite group of world ski areas recently. In 2008 the PRS according to the rating, compiled by the influential travel magazine, condé Nast Traveller, has ranked first among ski resorts in the world. Such outstanding achievements of the PR was able to achieve primarily thanks to its ultramodern equipment trails, convenient infrastructure, amazing nature and unique cozy atmosphere. Åre offers tourists much more than the usual ski trails are world class. For the excellent specifications it is often called “the Scandinavian Alps”. The prices here are lower than in the Alps, and as an added “bonus” skiers get all Scandinavian exoticism, travel on reindeer sleds to the opportunity to try the local smoked salmon. Here a lively nightlife with numerous bars, restaurants and clubs where you can dance the night away, but you can enjoy gourmet food in a relaxed intimate setting.

The resort itself consists of four settlements åre By, Duved, åre and Tegefell Bjornen, and five ski areas, among which, in addition to the above parts of the resort, is owned and area Ridcule. All part of the resort is very conveniently connected by a single system bus, ski bus, providing the movement on a strict schedule. In addition, the resort characterizes the modern level of technical service. The slopes are carefully prepared by snow groomers (special dozer — snow-compacting roller machines crawler used to prepare the ski slopes and ski trails). In addition, a greater number of traces in a night-time illuminated, and in the case of force majeure provided snehalaya artificial snow with snow cannons. However, this is not necessary, because the natural snow on the slopes, as a rule, throughout the season, from November to may. In åre there are equally good opportunities for mountain and plain skiing. Snowboarders open all the trails. It’s important that all lifts are combined in common to the resort system, and all hotels and apartments are located close to the lifts. In’or has the best guarantee in Northern Europe system lifts serving 100 km of varied ski slopes with a height difference of 900 m (374 m before 1274 m).
5. Lech — Zürs, Austria
This ski resort is located in the heart of the Arlberg, on the border with Germany. The ski area is divided between Lech and Cursor and known as the “Austrian St. Moritz”. Leh is part of the prestigious cohort resorts Best of the Alps, rest celebrities and the rich, who understand a lot about this ski as. The village itself is very picturesque Leh, and in 2004 he received the title of most beautiful village of Europe (Prettiest Village in Europe). In the combined skiing area also includes the village of Oberlech.

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