River rafting: the best places for rafting

River rafting

River rafting: the best places for rafting
Thrill seekers are always in search of “cool adventure”, welcoming all forms of adrenaline in the blood. The riskier the adventure, the more experience! One such adventure is rafting is an extreme sport that over the last fifty years have acquired a huge number of fans around the world. The best season for doing rafing is the spring with its floods, and the opportunity to paddle down the deep river. The best in this sport is the fact that rafting does not require any prior training, just need to familiarize yourself with the safety rules and forward to the adventure! Rafting with their parents can adolescents from 10 years of age, if you observe security measures and instructions on how to use the rafts. The best places for rafting are the rivers of the world:
1) Zambezi River (Zimbabwe) the Whole “sleeve” of the Zambezi river – a first-class thrills for lovers of rafting. This is the rapids IV-V level of difficulty, which will provide tourists a lot of adrenaline. Below the Victoria falls is a gorge where the river abruptly turns and 15-mile stretch of water territory fascinates with its power. What could be better than rafting by a wonderful and simultaneous formidable Victoria falls.
2) the Colorado River (national Park Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA) When you find yourself in the area, surrounded by incredible natural beauty, it is hard to be away from Hiking and rafting. But river rafting in this area of the Colorado river is very tempting for the level of difficulty for fans of the sport. Professionals and beginners-the lovers of rafting with all world come here to try to fight with the water element in the shallows and the rapids V level of complexity. In late spring you can get the most thrill when there is melting snow in the Rocky mountains and the river becomes full-flowing.
3) the River Futaleufu (Chile) Flowing through Chilean Patagonia, the Futaleufu river is an incredibly beautiful sight. This is one of the largest water resources in this region of the planet. At an alloy on the river in your face will fly splashes of turquoise, because it is in these shades of colored water in this river is very rich and vivid. The color of the water due to sediments, and the richness depends on the gathering snow melt from the Andes glaciers. Newcomers better not to risk and choose sections of river that are more relaxed and flexible, but professional rafting here will have the opportunity to test their strength and endurance on the threshold V level of complexity.
4) Middle Fork Salmon River (Idaho, USA) This river is one of the main water resources in North America on the so-called “Wild West”. More than a hundred of different thresholds and turns here waiting for the lovers of rafting, to enjoy the indescribable sensation of “game with nature”. The surroundings of the river “impossible beautiful” flanked by granite canyons and endless steppe. Best to come here for rafting in may and June.
5) the River Apurímac (Peru) This river is the largest mainland water system in the world, it fuels the Amazon basin. The river Apurímac every year is gaining popularity among tourists rafting on a professional level. Particularly difficult rapids on the river there, the most dangerous have a IV level of difficulty. But the river makes a turn near the ancient Inca city of Cusco and allows tourists to immerse themselves in the mysterious world of the mysterious civilization that once existed in this area of Peru. Here you will be able to combine “pleasant with useful”, adding to the rafting adventure a survey of architectural, geological and historical landmarks.
6) the White Nile (Uganda) the White Nile flows from the rather calm lake Victoria, but soon breaks free and grows in large deep power of on the outskirts of Uganda’s territory. She then continues her course through Tanzania, Rwanda and Sudan. But river rafting is best to do it in Uganda, so say the professionals of rafting. Here the river is the most “insidious”, has dangerous rapids V degree of complexity. The most remarkable thing is that rafting on this river is possible year round.

7) River the Tuolumne (Yosemite national Park, California, United States) This river has a length of 27 kilometers. Here you can test your strength of character for rafting with rapids of IV and V complexity class. In addition, because of the many twists and turns of this river is considered an excellent “testing ground” for beginners in rafting to hone their skills in maneuvering. The best time to travel to the Tuolumne river is considered to be late spring.
8) Chilko River (BC, Canada) location of the Chilko river in the region of British Columbia is simply stunning. It originates somewhere high up on the glacial peaks, is gaining momentum among the fragrant Alpine forests and their restless the abundance of water for professionals of rafting on the territory of this canadian province. To make the alloy on this unpredictable power of the river need to have some experience, mistakes beginners, the river is unforgiving. The most dangerous are considered to be thresholds of IV level of difficulty, but the danger of the river lies in its speed of movement and width.
9) the River Noce (Italy) rafting on the river Noce is quite specific. The river originates in Alpine glaciers and appears in all its glory before the astonished tourists in the beautiful Val di sole (Valley of sun) in Northern Italy. The most difficult threshold V level of risk are located near Monticciolo gorge, where water roars, drowning out all the sounds around, frightening even the birds and animals.
10) the River San Koshi (Nepal) Government of Nepal in the Himalayan region is a real Paradise for climbers. But the lovers of rafting for some time also love to come here to try their hand in the fight with the treacherous rapids of the river San Kosi, which flows from the Himalayan slopes. Narrow gorges and canyons offer lovers of rafting rapids class V difficulty, where beginners not exactly a place. Nothing beats the heady feeling of adrenaline that you can experience, doing extreme white water rafting. This sport will give you unforgettable experience, it’s just “not lose our heads” and to always take steps to ensure their own safety. By the way, rafting on the rivers of Russia. Particularly suitable for this sport is rivers of Altai, Karelia, the Urals, the Caucasus, Yakutia, Kola Peninsula and Eastern Siberia.

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