The most fashionable ski resort. Switzerland, Zermatt

Fashionable ski resort

The most fashionable ski resort.
Zermatt – a luxury village in the South of the Swiss Alps, which, like the Three Valleys, it is possible to describe a whole range of phrases that begin with the word “most” – many times, this mountain valley was recognized as the best ski resort in various rankings, it ranks in the Best of the Alps. Zermatt is worthy of the status of one of the most luxurious and pristine resorts in the world.
Zermatt is renowned as the best Swiss resort not only due to the diversity of trails and quality of snow cover, he sesquicentennial history. Its main street is still moving horse-drawn wagons, and a hundred years ago. This is one of the local leaders in the list of eco-cities and its residents are trying to preserve this title. Motor transport is prohibited in Zermatt and the nearest to the resort Parking lot located in the nearby village, where the slopes of the electric cars run. Therefore, the mountain air fills the lungs, it is especially impeccable freshness.
The season in Zermatt lasts all year round. Located this Swiss village between three peaks, soaring 4,000 m: Dom, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn. The mountains in this area are fairly steep, which defines a peculiar structure of riding – most of Zermatt is suitable for experienced and advanced skiers, less for beginners and families with children. So, in Zermatt, 17 km of easy slopes vs 180 red and black.

Sports facilities of Zermatt presents a well – besides skiing you can enjoy snowboarding, well as free-ride, there are toboggan runs, huge rollers, also here is Europe’s largest snowpark. You can enjoy the beautiful sight of snow-capped peaks with heights bird flight, flying on a paraglider.
Social and cultural parties are also not far behind: in Zermatt are regularly held various exhibitions and festivals, there are a number of luxurious restaurants, cinema, casino, the ice tower and the cave. Preserved and most interesting fragments of the old village with houses and barns. But, of course, the main attraction is the Matterhorn – the most photographed peak in Europe. Required to visit the namesake Museum, which tells about the dramatic history of the conquest of the peak. Interesting fact: the image of this mountain is emblazoned on the box of the famous Swiss chocolate Toblerone.

Zermatt is often accused of impossibly expensive. Yes, this is not a budget holiday option and it is unlikely he is suitable for those who only learn the basics of ski holidays. So you should go there, when behind shoulders already have some riding experience and relative financial freedom. But this is hardly the place can leave anyone indifferent!
We have considered some of the most decent resorts in Europe. Of course, it is reasonable to plan a winter tour there is a wide choice for every taste, availability, but there are many great winter resorts in the Western Hemisphere. And there’s one pearl of wondrous beauty that stands out, and worth much time.

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