The most scenic ski resort in Canada, Lake Louise

Scenic ski resort

The lake Louise ski resort located in the South-Western part of Canada’s oldest National Park is Banff. The lake was accidentally discovered in 1882 by Tom Wilson during the conduct of the railway works in the vicinity. Tom recalled: “for Some time we sat in silence, unable to look away from the gleaming beauty of the landscape that took place at the glittering glacier”. Tourists just doomed to feel like this at the sight of the emerald crystal-clear water, which reflects the mighty mountain chain. No wonder the lake is called the eighth wonder of the world.
The Louise resort has 113 runs of varying difficulty and 11 lifts. The season here lasts from November to mid-may. This place often hosts various competitions. For example, in November compete women cross-country skier, and in early March there are competitions between families. In January takes place creative competition for the construction of the ice shapes.
In addition to Alpine skiing can be enjoyed snowboarding, mountaineering, sleigh rides and dog sledding, in the presence of multiple rollers, the observation deck. Here you can safely go with children – they represented entertainment and sports programs.

The nature of this place is amazing and majestic, the surroundings Louise are designed to fill souls with the charm of the Rocky mountains and inspired. In addition to the lake itself, the eyes will appreciate the waterfalls and canyons as well as flora Banff National Park.
Hope your winter holidays are truly magical, especially if they pass on one of these wonderful resorts!

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