TOP 5 best ski resorts in the world

best ski resorts

The best ski resorts in the world
Each person has a completely different idea of what should be a perfect winter getaway. Some prefer to sunbathe in the tropical countries, while others choose a ski holiday. Best places for an unforgettable vacation ski resorts in the world invite travelers to relax and enjoy the mountain, snow-covered landscapes.

TOP 5 best ski resorts in the world

1. Aspen in Colorado’s most expensive ski resort in the world
One of the most expensive places to stay citieshorney resort aspen located in Colorado closer to the West Central part of the United States.
Best even the most expensive ski resorts in the world compares to him, then the rest of the most famous and richest people of the planet. Buy a sky pass for 7 days for $ 750. Quite expensive, but everyone who was in aspen a tourist never wants to come down from other mountains. Skiing among the snow-capped mountains come both beginners and professionals.
In the ski resort features:
o 76 for riding;
o 8 comfortable lifts with a capacity 11,000 people per hour;
o total length of 104 km of slopes;
o the longest track length of almost 5 km.
2. Cortina, Italy – the resort at 1,200 m above sea level
A list of the best and comfortable ski resorts in the world truly tops among first resort of Cortina, Italy. The resort is located in the Dolomites.
The property is spread:
o 19% of black runs, designed for professionals;
o 32% red runs, are presented for semi-professionals;
o 49% of blue runs for beginners.
Pistes have a total length of about 116 km. For maximum comfort of our guests we have installed three lifts to 7 rope tows, 25 chairlifts and 5 ski lifts-cabins. Best comfortable ski resorts in the world, including the Cortina (Italy), spreading the sky passes around the world. Before arriving at the resort, on the Internet you can buy a sky pass for rubyahurley slopes of the Italian resort, about 250 euros for 6 days.
New year in the ski resort of Cortina, Italy – a real gift of fate. As the magnificence of the mountains and the variety of entertainment programs are the envy of everyone of the best ski resorts in the world.
3. Mont-Tremblant is the most popular ski resort in Canada
The next attractive destination for skiers, is Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. The resort is located at the foot of the canadian mountains.
Resort town attracts not only amazing tracks, but comfortable hotels. For Canadians comfort is paramount, so the staff of the ski resort ensures that each visitor tourist were satisfied with your stay in the snowy mountains. A feature of the resort is that it is located close to Montreal, so tourists can go sightseeing in a beautiful city.
The resort works:
o 95 runs;
o 15 lifts;
o 3 of the cable car.
The length of the longest route is almost 6 miles. Even the best luxury ski resorts in the world can boast such a long track.

4. The resort of Stowe, the most scenic ski resort in the world
No less than the best ski resort considered resort of Stowe, Vermont, USA. The resort is considered one of the most picturesque.
Ride on the slopes of American mountains attracts skiers from all over the world. The resort has well-developed tourist industry, in addition to the trails you can find around 100 shops and 70 restaurants. For those who have a free time, guests can relax in one of the best restaurants. Stow, situated on the territory of the United States of America, included in the list of top ski resorts due to:
o the total length of the slopes about 65 km;
o a considerable number of slopes for downhill runs – 57 runs;
o 12 comfortable lifts;
o 3 snowboard parks;
o 1-th cross-country ski run
5. Chamonix – resort at the foot of Mont Blanc
France is one of the oldest ski resorts in the world – the Chamonix complex.
The resort became famous in the 1924 discovery of the first Olympic games. To date, the best comfortable ski resorts in the world competing with Chamonix for the championship. Take a ride in the French Alps comes with a huge number of tourists who can enjoy the local beauty, and if you wish to go on a tour, Mont Blanc, the highest and majestic hills in the entire territory of France. The cost of a single sky-pass for 10 days, approximately, will cost 370 euros. The resort is located:
o 68 runs;
o about 50 different lifts, including cable cars, rope tow, a chair, small-size and large cabin.
Best designed for unforgettable holidays, ski resorts over the world are eagerly waiting for the guests, lovers of snowy mountains, speed skating and extreme sport.
Have a good rest on one of the best ski resorts in the world!

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