Hotel Kokopelli Cave ( Kokopelli”s Cave), Farmington, new Mexico

This is one of the most unusual hotels which is located in the depths of the white cave. In the 1980s he built a married couple Bruce and Marge black, who moved to Farmington in new Mexico. Education Bruce a geologist, he always wanted to live in some unusual place, and so began to discuss how to transform the space of the caves under the dwelling. 15 years later in 1996 the work was completed and the family finally moved into the cave. Seeing that their way of life attracts the attention of tourists the couple decided to open a fancy hotel. What is more remarkable age of caves, estimated to be about 65 million years. The rooms are located at a depth of 20 meters In fact here the entire hotel is one big room with an area of 150 square meters there are all what you need for your stay, Jacuzzi, mini waterfalls, the hot water temperature inside the room is maintained at around 20-25 degrees. The room itself is styled in an Indian style.

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