Top 5 budget ski resorts in the world


Top 5 budget ski resorts in the world
1. Jahorina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), one of the most well-equipped ski centres in the former Yugoslavia, 50 € per night for 1 person. Here you can rent any equipment and to find an English-speaking instructor. The slopes are equipped with snow cannons, ski tracks are prepared by snow groomers. Skiing can be combined with shopping and excursions: the resort is located near Sarajevo. To apply for a visa not required: not required for entry into the country for a period not exceeding 30 days.
2. Poiana Brasov (Romania), 55 € per night for 1 person. The resort is located 12 km from Brasov at the altitude of 1030 m in coniferous forests. The ski slopes here are 10, including: Olympics, a giant slalom, special slalom, the trigger. To enter the country a visa is required, the validity of the passport must end no earlier than 3 months.
3. Platak (Croatia), 77 € per night for 1 person. The resort is located 16 km from the port city of Rijeka. With the top point located at an altitude of 1363 m, offers a magnificent view of the Adriatic sea. Only 7 ski runs, including a children’s. To visit Croatia visa is required for national or Schengen multiple entry.

4. Strbske Pleso (Slovakia), 78 € per night for 1 person. The best ski cent of the High Tatras, which is the venue for many sporting events. There are trails for beginners, professional ski slopes, trails for night skiing, high-speed descents. In addition, you can practice cross-country skiing, ski jumping, mountaineering. Children’s ski school with private lift, located on the popular slalom downhill Interski. To visit the resort requires a Schengen visa.
5. Harrachov (Czech Republic), 78 € per night for 1 person. The sports centre is the venue of international competitions in cross-country skiing and ski jumping. For vacationers open from the 8 trails, including night skiing. Beginners can accelerate the development of skills with the help of a ski simulator, which will help to overcome fear and to develop the right movement during the descent. To visit the resort need a Schengen visa.

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