Beach Hulhudhoo

Beach Hulhudhoo

Beach Hulhudhoo (Fulhadhoo – situated on the eponymous island in the Maldives. This place is quite unique. Typically in the Maldives meet or expensive luxury island hotels or Islands with local inhabitants is completely surrounded by houses. Here, the island is relatively large and the village occupies only a small area. Everything else is at your disposal. Several kilometers of white as flour sand, lush tropical vegetation and a sandy spit, on which day you can swim in the clear water, and in the evening watch the sunset. Most of the time on the beach there is no one – neither local nor tourists. And all this you can get for relatively little money. The beach and bottom: sand.
Swimming in bikinis are allowed in the Western part of the island. In the Eastern part of the island where lies the village, forbidden to appear in a bikini.

On the island you can buy food and water, but the selection is extremely poor. Therefore it is better to eat in the hotel. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Additional lunch or dinner will cost 20$ buffet. Lunch and dinner – 35$ per person per day.

The island does not sell alcohol. Also it is illegal to bring and use.

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